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Day 86 At home in Busselton

We arrived at the Perth airport at 5.05 Pm Perth time. Caught the South West Coach lines bus to Busselton. Waved hello to Lynne (Ian's Sister) in Capel along the way. We were picked up by our great friends and neighbours Rob &Rose and driven to our home. How sweet it is to be home at last. What an amazing adventure of our lifetime with the love of my life Ian.

Ian & I would like to thank each and every one of you for your participation in following our blog, meeting up and making new friendships along the way and meeting our extended family and forming great life long bonds.
"Thank you."

A shot of the gardens & our house now that we are home.
This is the final entry for our World Domination Blog.

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Day 86 The Olympic city - Sydney Australia

The end of the trip had to happen at some point. Today we arrived at 5.30am into Sydney international cruise terminal. As the sun rose behind us we gently glided towards the coat hangar bridge to the right (starboard) and the Opera House to our left (port side).

We now await our delayed flight (1 hour delay) to Perth, in the Sydney domestic terminal.

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Day 83 Our penultimate cruise stop Mare

Thursday morning saw us arrive at Mare, the second largest island in the Loyalty Islands after Lifou.
And got some good views of the ship from back down the main Street.
We disembarked for a short walk around the few streets of the village.

We even got to see a the tail end of a local wedding.

Again this island is also mainly coral, so it's a little hard to find an easily accessible beach.
We took the option of the local swimming hole, swimming with some very brightly coloured fish.
Some very deep blue coloured ones as well.

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Day 81 and 82 - A Mystery

We headed off from Fiji towards the uninhabited Mystery Island on day 79. Cruising at a steady speed of 19 knots. Early on day 81 we realised something was amiss, as we had started to slow to 4 knots prior to arrival at Mystery, then sped up to 19 knots again. As Mystery Island slipped into the distance, we were enlightened to our new destination of Lifou. The reason being a medical emergency requiring an evacuation.
As we arrived at Lifou 4pm we encountered the Pacific Dawn waiting to leave.

She left as we disembarked our emergency, then we promptly left to drift 13 miles off shore overnight. This is so the shops and casino are allowed to open.

Next morning we again arrived at lovely Lifou, and got off.
This was the first Royal Caribbean ship to visit so there was a greeting ceremony between the Chief and the Captain and his head honchos.

We looked at the market then walked up to the hilltop church. Great views over this coral island.
Here are some of thanking views from our walk back down the very steep hill down from the church. The butterflies were everywhere. It was a beautiful destination.

Deborah even got to have her coconut drink.
Lastly a swim in the beautiful and clear sea.

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Day 79 Suva, Fiji

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Ian, Deb & Dave on a day tour with MoanaTours at Suva Central .
Marilyn was unable to join us today as she is confined to the ship, although she has improved and now out of the ship's hospital. IMG_201710..0550141_HDR.jpg

We drove past the Presidents Palace at the time the guard was changing. Note his Military style footwear.

We stopped to view a tropical waterfall, and flowers.
Here we saw some red bananas which are white inside.

Then we visited Orchid Island Gardens where we saw the beautiful gardens, a traditional fire stone walking ceremony &traditional dancing which ended with a Lovo (hangi style) lunch.
The only temple that allows tourists inside. The 2 main posts have 2 men buried under them, as a gift to the gods. They didn't go willingly.

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